DeWit Dutch Digging Spade, Lightweight Garden Tool
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DeWit Dutch Digging Spade, Lightweight Garden Tool

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  • DEEP DIGGING - Designed to last a lifetime, the DeWit Digging Spade is uniquely constructed to make digging easier than ever. Great for slicing far into soil, you can trust the Perennial Spade to break up the hardest parts of your garden.
  • LIFETIME DURABILITY – Crafted from hardened boron steel that has been heat-treated for strength, the Digging Spade is the perfect long-lasting addition to your garden tools.The strong, but lightweight material make this tool easy to use time and time agin. Made in Holland, our tool is guaranteed to last a lifetime!
  • SUSTAINABLE – With our eco-friendly tools, know that you are caring for your plants and for the planet. DeWit Spades are designed with an ash handle harvested from environmentally responsible FSC-certified forests.
  • MULTI-USE – This tool is designed with various uses in mind. Easily break up hard soil with the spade's sharp, broad edge and utlize the large head to dig up soil quickly. Perfect for bed preparation, planting, aeration and, so much more, the long T-handle allows you work effortlessly around your garden while standing instead of kneeling.
  • EASY TO USE – There’s no need to feel awkward or weighed down by heavy and inefficient tools when working in your garden. Lightweight and user-friendly, the Perennial Spade is easy to maneuver. Constructed with a T-Handle that limits tension in hands and wrists, this tool is perfect for left or right handed gardeners. Dimensions: 45" L x 2.5" W x 6" H; 4 lbs